About Blackways and BWC

We are Blackways

This is what we do because this is what we have to do. 

It started out with the need to have that one shirt that we could not get our hands on in any store. We got it printed by hand in our friends basement and made a few extra to sell. Then came the next shirt that we needed and so it has continued. Always creating products that we ourselves want and need. We find our sources of inspiration often in our own lives and things that we see and can relate to. Not everything is great all the time, we like to sometimes lift the bad things and twist them into something that will turn a smile on your face. Serious but with a smile. Some days are darker. Blackways is established back in 2014 and a couple of years later we started Bad Weather Cafe. In our small store we carry our own brand along with our favourite brands from around the world. Mostly made in Japan.

This is what we do because this is what we live. 

Blackways are Martin Jahnke and Apostolos Giouftsis in Malmö, Sweden. Feel free to contact us at info@blackways.se